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4 A.M.

4 A.M. is the hit one-act play by Jonathan Dorf. It's a story about teens trying to navigate the night and their fears and dreams as they search for connection.

Practical Details

Running Time: 30-35 minutes

Cast Breakdown: 3 males, 3 females (with multiple casting) for professional productions or others seeking a small cast. For high schools, youth theatres, colleges or other groups interested in a larger ensemble, the cast size can easily be as large as 30 or more by having each actor play only one role and by taking advantage of the opportunities that exist in the script to use an ensemble. All roles are meant to be played by teens, or actors capable of playing teens.

Technical and Musical Requirements: The show requires very minimal set or other technical elements.

Best Suited for professional and amateur theatre companies, high schools, youth theatres and colleges. Given its length 4 A.M. is ideal for one-act competitions and has met with considerable success in this arena.


What's it like to be awake when the rest of your world is asleep? Meet early morning joggers, a lonely short-wave radio DJ, a modern Romeo and Juliet, the writer of a most unusual letter, and numerous others. Through a series of songs, scenes and monologues, they'll survive lonely nights and sleepovers, discover whether the Monster Under the Bed is real and maybe even get to answer that all-important question: "Is anybody out there?"

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